Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Freedom of the English People

Over the last decade there has been a growing unease at the draconian
measures that have been imposed on the English people since 9/11 by the Blair/ Brown and now Cameron/Clegg Government. 80% of the English people that I have spoken to have all agreed that the present system is unfair and that they believe the UK Government are unrepresentative of the English people which make up 86% of the UK population. The three other members of the union all have their own democratically elected parliaments, their elected members are allowed to vote on English matters but not the other way round. It is my Opinion as well as many others that we should have the same advantage as the rest of the union members and be treated as a independent nation with our own Parliament.

It would seem that if and when Scotland devolves from Britain, Britain ceases to exist as a legal Entity, as the original Contract of union was between England and Scotland.
I am no longer in favor of a separate English Parliament under a British Umbrella but as a complete Legal Entity in it's own right, with a written Constitution,and Open Honest Government.

The British Institutions, Judiciary, Financial and Political, have all been found wanting and with the Illegal Amoral Genocidal War against Iraq resulting in hundreds of thousands of innocent people being
slaughtered it is time to put Britannia finally to rest. She is a product of the past and should be viewed as such, an historical occurrence no longer relevant to the English Nation in the present day.

The English may represent 86% of the UK but we represent 100% of the Nation of England.

it's not that it will be completed overnight as there are obvious problems that the British will have left behind that will require cooperation between all the ex member states,
such as Northern Ireland, The British Dependency's, Not to mention the Banking industries on the Cayman Islands Belize and Jersey of which the later is also seeking Independence, there is also the armed forces abroad that will need to be repatriated immediately.
The four Nations would still need a place of discussion for our respective representatives to meet as our nations are intrinsically entwined, but this should not be an institution and have no powers of legislation but simply a place of communication to discuss such things as trade and border security. 

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